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Child maintenance is going through some big changes. Below are the main changes that might affect you. The Child Support Agency (CSA) is closing The CSA is closing down and gradually being replaced by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). The process will take until 2018. It is no longer possible to claim child maintenance through the CSA – parents must apply to the CMS instead. Most parents are charged a fee for using the CMS which is £20 to apply unless you have been through domestic abuse and this maybe waivered.
Current UK law states that all children must use the correct seat when travelling in a car until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall. New regulations are expected to come into effect in December 2016 which will change that, meaning backless booster seats will only be approved for older children. We take a look at the new car seat regulations and what they will mean for parents:
Please note that information about some of these changes may be limited at present and also subject to further change. Although some will happen quickly, others may be introduced gradually over several years. During 2017 Tax Free Childcare Tax Free Childcare is to be introduced as a replacement for employer supported childcare – Childcare Vouchers. The government will contribute up to 20% of the first £10,000 of registered childcare costs per child, per year. This equates to a maximum of £2000 per child, per year. The scheme will be available to people who have an annual income under £150,000 and are not receiving help with childcare via tax credits. It is expected to reach more people than the current scheme.
Employment Support Allowance (ESA) can help single parents who have an illness or disability that affects their ability to work. ESA offers financial support as well as help with future employment prospects. You can apply for ESA even if you’re working, as long as you’re not earning above £120 a week or working more than 16 hours a week. You won’t be able to claim ESA if you receive Job Seekers Allowance, Statutory Sick Pay or Statutory Maternity Pay.

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There are many ways to help other single parents...

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Join our community, there is nothing more helpful to us and our community members than another person to talk with.


Fundraising is incredibly powerful and inspiring. It is a great way to bring attention to SPS as well as some much needed funds, all by doing something Fun.


If you can afford to help, please donate to SPS. While no one in SPS takes a salary we do have day to day expenses, as well as our SPS Support Fund and Training scheme.