Single Parents Support C.I.C (“SPS UK”) understands the effect on community members that termination of community membership can have. However, termination of community membership is an inevitable eventuality of any organisation. The actions outlined in the following policy are aimed at protecting community members, volunteers and SPS UK alike.


Termination of community membership is to be treated in a confidential and professional manner by all concerned.  Directors and Head Moderators will ensure a thorough, consistent and fair approach to termination of community membership.

Notice of termination of community membership will be provided in writing by electronic means.

Community members can appeal their termination from the group, in writing, within 5 working days of the written notice of termination being sent.  The moderation team and directors will respond to any such appeal within 10 working days, also in writing, outlining reasons for their decisions, whether community membership can be reinstated and if so, any conditions placed upon their community membership.

Reasons For Termination Of Community Membership

The following reasons can result in immediate termination of community membership from SPS UK or instigation of the SPS UK warning policy:

  1. Posts, comments, replies or messages containing harmful or hostile language, racist or threatening language, profane, vulgar, or defamatory language or those causing harassment to other community members of SPS UK, their families, associates  or members of the public will NOT be tolerated and WILL be removed.  In extreme circumstances, following investigation and discussion by all senior members of the moderation team, immediate termination of community membership will result.
  2. Discussion of the moderation team actions, re-posting of deleted posts, or discussion of suspended or deleted  community members will result in stage 1 of the SPS UK warning policy.
  3. Advertisement of commercial websites auctions, fundraising pages or other commercial services without the express permission of a member of the moderation team will result in stage 1 of the SPS UK warning
  4. Any community member found to be posting links to pornographic websites will have their  community membership terminated with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.
  5. Encouraging other  community members to breach group rules.  This will result in that  community members membership being terminated with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.
  6. Refusing to adhere to moderator instruction.  From time to time, moderators may ask that community members adhere to a particular rule (eg. To refrain from commenting further on a particular thread).  Failure to do so will instigate stage 1 of the SPS UK warning policy.
  7. Posting repetitive, inappropriate or disruptive threads to the Facebook groups or Facebook page.  This serves no purpose and can result in immediate termination of  community membership in some cases.
  8. Malicious reporting of posts/community members on the Facebook groups.  Community members found to be doing this may be warned.  Repeated offenders will have community membership terminated with immediate effect.
  9. Naming and Shaming of ANY other person.  This includes photographs, telephone numbers, email addresses, residential or business address.  The posting of another persons private and personal information is a gross violation of their rights and can result in immediate termination of community membership in extreme cases.

Please note: the above list is not exhaustive

Special Reasons For Immediate Termination Of Membership

Due to the nature of SPS UK there are a number of exclusion criteria that apply to community members and would be community members in order that we can provide and maintain a safe environment for all.  As such, any person found to have a spent or unspent criminal conviction for the following offences will not be permitted to remain a community member of SPS UK and will have community membership terminated with immediate effect.

  1. Domestic violence – including ABH, GBH, Assault and Battery and harassment, wounding with intent, attempted murder, murder, rape and sexual assault
  2. Child pornography including any community member found to be on the sex offenders register.
  3. Child abduction,
  4. Any other violent offence.
  5. Any crime relating to fraud or theft by deception.

 Community membership will be refused to community members, and would be community members, that are found to have a conviction for any of the above offences. 
 Community membership shall also be refused to any community members, and would be community members, that are found to not have children or are still with the parent of their children, unless contracted as a volunteer for SPS.