Nicola Booth
Managing Director
Nicky started SPS in October 2012 as a local Facebook group, and founded the company in 2015. In 2016 SPS officially turned into a recognised charitable organisation. Nicky lives with her daughter in Southampton.


James Coleman
Director of Operations
James joined SPS in early 2016 as Head of Technology, but quickly moved on and up to Director of Operations. He has one young daughter who lives with him in the small town of Hythe.


Abigail Williams
Head of Community Outreach
Abigail started with SPS in late 2015 as a co-ordinator, setting up events for members. She quickly became Head of Area Co-ordinators and has now become the Head of Community Outreach.


Natalie Evans
Head of Community Care
Natalie joined SPS in 2017 as a moderator, however it was clear she was capable of a lot more. Within 3 months she was made the Head of Community Care, in charge of safeguarding, counselling services and training schemes.